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Our lunch menu

Café Restaurant The Talk has always been one of the most prominent sandwich shops and our current extensive lunch menu boasts a great variety of tasty and affordable sandwiches. Anyone looking for a good but affordable lunch in the centre of Tilburg should go to Café Restaurant The Talk. We offer you new choices every day. You could also choose a small selection of our main dishes during lunch, something our international guests seem to greatly enjoy as well.
Thanks to our good and well established relationships with our suppliers, we can offer our guests a variety of good quality lunches at a very friendly price!
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Cold sandwiches

You have a choice of: a white or brown baguette, soft white roll, Waldkorn roll (+ €1.20) or an Italian roll (+ €1.20).

Young cheese €3,30
Mature cheese €4,35
Chives cream cheese €4,65
Brie €4,35
Ham and/or cheese €3,85
'Healthy' ham and/or cheese €5,05
Egg (incl. sauce of your choice) €2,95
Fricandeau €4,35
Salami €3,85
Roast beef €5,70
Filet Americain tartare €5,50
Smoked chicken with Talk sauce €5,45
Egg salad €4,10
Crab salad (surimi) €4,50
Chicken curry salad €4,20
Tuna salad €4,50
Smoked chicken salad €5,55

- Those who laugh last have not understood the joke -


Served with: salad, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a small boiled egg.

Smoske Egg salad €5,60
Smoske Crab salad €5,85
Smoske Tuna salad €6,00
Smoske Smoked chicken salad €6,70
Smoske Chicken curry salad €5,70
Smoske Chives cream cheese €5,80
Smoske Filet Americain tartare €6,45

Cold specials

You have a choice of: a white or brown baguette, soft white roll, Waldkorn roll (+ €1.20) or an Italian roll (+ €1.20).

Filet Americain tartare, ketchup, mustard,
Tabasco, onion, egg and gherkin
Carpaccio, pine nuts, grated
cheese and a honey-mustard dressing

Shoulder of ham, roast beef, fricandeau and Talk sauce
Shoulder of ham, roast beef, smoked chicken and Talk sauce
Matured cheese and egg salad
Parma ham, pine nuts, sun dried
tomatoes, pesto dressing and rocket


- When a door closes, somewhere a window will open -

Hot specials

U kunt kiezen uit: wit of bruin stokbroodje, wit zacht puntje, Waldkornbol (+€ 1,20) of een Italiaanse bol (+€ 1,20)

Rosbief speciaal
Rosbief met gebakken champignons, ui en Talksaus

Brie Sweet Nuts
Brie met walnoten en honing uit de oven

Chicken & Bacon
Gebakken kip met bacon en Talksaus

Classic warm vlees
Gemarineerde varkensmedaillon met satésaus

Philly steak
Biefstukreepjes, beenham, paprika, ui, kruiden en Talksaus

Chicken Shaslick
Kipreepjes, gemarineerde spek, paprika, ui, kruiden en Talksaus

Biefstukreepjes, chilisaus en geraspte kaas

Pikante kip
Kipreepjes, ui, paprika en een pittig Mexicaans sausje

Sweet Beef
Biefstukreepjes, ui en een zoet oosters sausje

Hot sandwiches

You have a choice of: a white or brown baguette, soft white roll, Waldkorn roll (+ €1.20) or an Italian roll (+ €1.20).

Ham & cheese €3,85
Cheese & onion €3,60
Ham, cheese & tomato €4,65
Ham, cheese & pineapple €4,90
Brie, cheese & pineapple €5,55
Salami, cheese & mushrooms €5,40
Mozzarella, bacon, tomato & pesto €6,20
Fried ham off the bone & honey-mustard sauce €7,15
Spicy meat, bacon, onion & chilli sauce €5,75
Chicken satay €6,05
Slice of bacon with mustard €5,30
Croquette or frikandel sausage €3,60

Fried eggs on bread & Omelettes

You have a choice of: a white or brown baguette, soft white roll, Waldkorn roll (+ €1.20) or an Italian roll (+ €1.20)

Ham and cheese €4,95
Mushrooms €4,40
Bacon and cheese €5,05
The Talk €6,50

Fried eggs on bread or an omelette with ham, cheese, bacon, onion and mushrooms.

If you feel like eating something else, you can also compile your own fried eggs on bread or omelette! You can choose from the following ingredients: Young cheese, Mature cheese, Brie, Mozzarella, Ham, Bacon, Roast beef, Salami, Parma ham, Fricandeau, Onion, Bell peppers, Mushrooms, Tomato or an extra egg.


Our selection consists of a white or brown baguette, soft white roll, Waldkorn roll (+ €1.20) or an Italian roll (+ €1.20).

Speciaal Burger
Hamburger with onion, mayonnaise and curry
Cheese Burger
Hamburger with onion, cheese, mayonnaise and curry
Stone Burger
Hamburger on a Waldkorn roll with bacon and aioli
Talk Burger
Hamburger with onion, mushrooms, bacon, fried egg and Talk sauce

Kids lunch specials

Magic Roll
Soft roll with a different filling on each side. You can choose from: chocolate sprinkles, chocolate spread, strawberry jam, new cheese or ham

Small Talk
Chips, apple sauce and a snack of your choice.
Choose from: croquette, croquette balls, chicken nuggets or a frikandel sausage

Koetje Boe
Small steak, served with chips, apple sauce and salad

Captain Talk
Fish fingers with small potatoes and apple sauce

Children's ice cream
in a fun animal mug

Restaurant menu

High-profile bread platter
Waldkorn, and white and brown baguette with herb butter, olive oil with spiced salt, tomato tapenade and aioli

Onion soup
Au gratin with mature cheese

Tomato soup
Creamy soup with two slices of bread

Fish pan dish
A pan with a variety of creamy fish from the oven,
served with french bread


King of the Burgers
200 g of pure beef with melted cheese, crispy bacon,
lettuce, tomato, gherkin, red onion and homemade sauce
Served on an Italian roll with chips

Talk-style Satay
Juicy chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce, fried onions and prawn crackers, served with salad and chips

Mixed Grill
Consisting of a chicken fillet, pork fillet, steak and turkey breast, served with a salad, chips and aioli

Talk-style Spareribs
Delicious homemade ribs in two flavours:
Sweet-Bombay and hot! & spicy, served with a salad, chips and Talk sauce
Medium €13,00
Large €18,50


- Zelfs een weg van duizend mijl, begint bij met één enkele stap –

Main meal salads

All salads are served with bread and herb butter or with chips


Caesar salad
Traditionally prepared with turkey breast, cherry tomatoes, egg and grated Italian cheese 



Goat cheese salad
Warm served goat cheese with Aceto Balsamico and pine nuts


Steak salad
Carpaccio, beef strips, balsamic dressing,
pine nuts and grated young cheese

Chicken & bacon salad
Smoked chicken, fried bacon, pine nuts and Talk sauce

Brie & nut salad
Brie, assorted nuts, raisins and a honey-mustard dressing


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